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Blynken and Nod

The boys moved down south right around the time we moved to the Philippines.  We moved because they seemed less than interested in spending time with us anymore.  Then some stuff came up in their lives and they started asking our kids when we were coming back and what we were doing and one of […]

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Poetry for the Plucky

The Grasshopper and The Crickets A grasshopper once had a game of tag With some crickets that lived near by, When he stumbled his toe, and over he went Too quickly to see with your eye. Then the cricket leaned up against a fence, And chirped till their sides were sore, But the grasshopper said, […]

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RESTLESS, mischievous, wild, disobedient boys …

Found in a 1901 Good Housekeeping. I don’t include it all here, and some of it is clearly out of date, but most of the principles are, I think, sound.  I especially love the method the police man’s widow uses with her 3 sons- what a woman!  I’d love to know who she was and how her boys turned out and […]

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Airport greeting sign

Families make a sign to greet their kids at the airport. When it’s your first visit, you put a picture of your kid on the sign, and also their name in the Cyrillic alphabet, so they know you are their host family. Since we’ve had 2 of our boys before, and they all live in […]

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He does have a point

My 17 1/2 year old son, propounding to me a plan: I want… yak yak yak because I don’t want yak yak and it would be so cool to blah blah. Me: Squelching plan: tttttttttthbbbbbbbbbb. Because wha wha wha and tcha tcha tcha. He: “But, Mom.” And he restates his plan, bringing three more points […]

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