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Raising Children in the Faith

These are notes I put together a few years ago- I don’t remember why. I am moving files and deleting some and thought I’d just put this here. Raising Children in the Faith Know more about what we DON’T want to do than what we DO want to do. We parent in reactive vs proactive […]

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A Presentation From 5 y.o. Grand-daughter

She threw a cloth over a box to use for her podium and stood up and declaimed.  One of her aunts was there to record some of this off the cuff declaiming.  Fasten your seatbelts, my friends.  This kid is a kick: “This is a day of no funness. I am giving you information which […]

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RESTLESS, mischievous, wild, disobedient boys …

Found in a 1901 Good Housekeeping. I don’t include it all here, and some of it is clearly out of date, but most of the principles are, I think, sound.  I especially love the method the police man’s widow uses with her 3 sons- what a woman!  I’d love to know who she was and how her boys turned out and […]

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I’m becoming a one-note singer

Quoting from a friend:  “These kids didn’t choose this life. But we can all choose to do something to impact their lives and the lives of so many other kids in this world just like them. Pray, educate, advocate, donate, host, adopt. Everyone can fall into at least one of these categories. We don’t push […]

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Airport greeting sign

Families make a sign to greet their kids at the airport. When it’s your first visit, you put a picture of your kid on the sign, and also their name in the Cyrillic alphabet, so they know you are their host family. Since we’ve had 2 of our boys before, and they all live in […]

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