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Chaos in education

From a book published in 1907, a surprisingly familiar complaint about the chaos and clash of philosophies and practice in education.  A few words and phrases are dated, but change hygiene to sex ed, temperance to drugs or substance abuse, vivisectionist to nutrition advice, etc. and you can see how current it all begins to sound. , Fifteen thousand […]

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According to this TN program: “Overall, less than half of our third and fourth graders are reading on grade level based on state tests, and more rigorous national assessments suggest that only one-third of our fourth graders are proficient – an unacceptable outcome in a state that has prided itself on being the fastest improving […]

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Public Schools: Blaming Parents Since….

“Much is said about the failure of the public school system. On this point the late Commissioner Kendall of New Jersey once remarked to the writer, ” Yes the public school is a failure. The source of the failure, however, is not in the school, but in the home. Reform the American home and you […]

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“Hitler was the leader of the country of Amsterdam,” and WWII was 300 years ago. -College Students at Penn State

Questioner: What was the Holocaust? American College Student: Um…I’m on the spot. Questioner: Which country was Adolf Hitler the leader of? American College Student: I think it’s Amsterdam? Questioner: What was Auschwitz? American College Student: I don’t know. Questioner: What were the Nuremburg Trials? American College Student: I don’t know. Questioner: How many Jews were […]

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Long Term Suspension for Firing Airsoft Gun From His Own Property

School expels a boy for shooting airsoft gun in a perfectly safe manner on his own property. Neighbor called 911 because the toy made her ‘uncomfortable.’ More here. I think the neighbor is a whining busy body who perfectly illustrates the self-centered, immature, and childish attitude wrong with much of America today.  She should have […]

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