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Bolshevistic propaganda in Schools

“Find out how the county commissioners spend the county taxes. Make a point of discovering how many citizens in your town have no water meters and pay a nominal water tax while they use enough to turn the machinery of an industrial plant. You will be astonished to learn how much sly waste there is […]

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Education as it was, 1890

Sharing this because I like this stuff, and also, lest we fall prey to the ‘it was better in the old days’ trope.  Sometimes it was, sometimes it was not.  From an 1890 periodical called ‘Journal of Education: “To the Editor of the Journal of Education. Dear Sir,- Last month you found space for a […]

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I wish I’d said that

From an 1890 Journal of Education: “Sooner or later the classicist argues, “Whatever the value of science, it is not indispensable, for I am wholly ignorant of it.” ” My dear Sir, one longs to say, “you are the very man in whose interests I am arguing. It is you who would he so much […]

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Large Family, homeschooling Charlotte Mason style

When you are homeschooling multiple children in various ages, programs like may seem overwhelming or even impossible.  Many homeschooling families choose unit studies or other programs which have several children of various ages studying the same topics at the same time. One thing to keep in mind is that if this approach still has […]

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Isaac Watts on Improving the Mind Via Lectures

from Improvement of the mind, by Isaac Watts, D.D. Ed. by Stephen Previously, we read Isaac Watts’ discourse on improving the mind by reading.  Here he explains how listening to oral teaching may improve the mind: III. The advantage of verbal instructions by public or private lectures are these: 1. There is something more sprightly, more delightful and […]

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