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Life is more than economics, and the body more than sociology

The danger of speaking about life exclusively in terms of problem and solution is that we are thus tempted to overlook the limitations of this detective game and the very existence of the initial arbitrary rule that makes the playing of it possible. The rule is to exclude from the terms of the problem everything […]

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Lessons from History

Lessons from History 1. We should learn from history, but we usually don’t. 2. Technology and advances in science and fields of knowledge do not make us immune from the lessons of history.  Human nature hasn’t changed that much. 3. Freedom actually isn’t a universal value.  The tape series illustrated this by using examples from […]

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Cone Shells, Marine Biology

We have several cone snail shells, collected when we lived on an island in the China Sea. I’m sharing this video with the Little Boys later today: More here. This website helps with shell classification- click around on the various links to see what they have. And here is a lovely article from a Christian […]

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Towards a Philosophy of Education Discussion

Cindy at Ordo Amoris is blogging through volume 6 of Miss Mason’s six volume series on education this summer.  That’s my favorite.  Her introductory post on the project is here.  Her first discussion post is here, and her second is here.  So you have plenty of time to join in! Here is the proposed schedule: […]

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Education-Related Reading Vortex

I am a hands on reader. I like to underline and star passages that interest me, makes notes in the margins, keep lists of other books and events referenced in the book I am reading, and then pursue that line of reading later.  The process repeats itself, naturally, in the next book, and the next, […]

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