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Education-Related Reading Vortex

I am a hands on reader. I like to underline and star passages that interest me, makes notes in the margins, keep lists of other books and events referenced in the book I am reading, and then pursue that line of reading later.  The process repeats itself, naturally, in the next book, and the next, […]

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Teacher Bullies Student, Tells Him It’s a Criminal Offense to Criticize the President

Update below If your kids are not nearby, listen to this shrew of a teacher rant, rave, and harangue a student in class.  There is quite a bit of foul language on the tape (from the student, after he’s been screamed at a bit). The social studies teacher’s ‘fact of the day’ was that Romney […]

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The successful indoctrination of a nation: "…change man’s basic values and attitudes"

I wrote about ‘teaching as a subversive activity’ here, and I talked about the I word- indoctrination. This is a subject we should think about and think about more seriously.  Instead, when the word comes up we want to tease somebody about tinfoil hats. I wonder why that’s such a typical response (mine, too). We […]

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Hidden Costs of Public School

This is a subject I’ve posted on before, so essentially this is an adapted and somewhat rewritten repost. Often in a discussion of home education, the subject of costs comes up, and homeschooling is presumably the more expensive option, mainly because it generally requires a parent at home instead of the in the workplace. But […]

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Teaching as Subversive

I firmly believe that one reason why we are in the place in time where we are- that is, a place where most citizens have never read the Constitution, couldn’t understand if they did, and believe their feelings trump the Rule of Law, is because the history behind stories like this one:Teaching as a Subversive […]

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