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Sample School Day

It’s really hard for me to do a sample school day, because we don’t much have days that are exactly the same from one day to the next.  But here’s a close approximation for today. My students read the narrated Bible independently.  They are supposed to be reading through the Chronological Bible in order this […]

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Foreign Language: Korean and Hangul

 Hangul or Hanguel is the Korean alphabet, and I’ve been slowly learning it.  This makes me very happy.  A Korean scholar of the middle ages said of the Hangul alphabet system: “a wise man can acquaint himself with them before the morning is over; a stupid man can learn them in the space of ten […]

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Charlotte Mason, Grammar, Prods, Crutches, and I have got to figure something else out here….

We read this today, from Charlotte Mason’s 3rd volume, posted on AmblesideOnline’s website (used by permission): Children must Stand or Fall by their own Efforts.––In another way, more within our present control, we do not let children alone enough in their work. We prod them continually and do not let vol 3 pg 39 them […]

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Charlotte Mason’s View of Children and Their Education, A Bullet List

Children, according to Miss Mason: Are born persons have an affinity for God Have both good and evil tendencies, have powers (strengths or abilities) common to all Need a bracing, not too stimulating, atmosphere; Must live under wider natural conditions Should not be burdened with too many decisions should not ‘run wild,’ They are beings […]

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Common Core and Communism

Here are some very, very interesting reads for you to consider, ponder, and absorb.   Maybe you’ll conclude by thinking I need to give my tinfoil hat a rest.  Or maybe you’ll ask where you can get your own. First, from a homeschooling mother who grew up in another country, and has a unique perspective […]

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