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Why We Homeschool

We began homeschooling in reaction to several situations in the public school where our eldest went to kindergarten. At the beginning of the year the teacher informed me that our daughter already knew all the things she’d planned to teach that year, but she would still have fun, because she would be doing ‘enrichment activities.’ […]

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Nancy Bond and Children’s Literature

Happy Birthday Nancy Bond’s birthday was yesterday, so we’re a day late. Bond is the author of several books, but the one we know is her first, The String in the Harp, an eery but compelling fantasy with time travel elements set in Wales. The Time-travel element is unusual in that characters can witness some […]

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Shakespeare and False Assumptions

Yesterday while reading coverage of the voting in Iraq I came across a single remark that rang a flat where no flat note was called for. Unfortunately, I can’t find it again. An Iraqi voter spoke eloquently about the elections and the new era dawning in his country. It was a beautifully phrased comment, and […]

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Teaching at the Turn of the Century

My great-great grandfather was a teacher in Ohio and Indiana from about 1898 through sometime in the early 1900’s. We’ve been going through an old box of family papers and found two of the exams he had to take to keep his teaching certificate. I’m sharing the first half of one of them today and […]

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What Do You Wish You’d Known….

Spunky is asking an interesting question today: If you could begin homeschooling again what is something you would have donedifferently? Or what is something you wished you knew then that you know now? Itdoesn’t matter how long you have been homeschooling to answer. I am rethinkingall of my homeschooling as my 2 year old grows […]

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