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What Do You Wish You’d Known….

Spunky is asking an interesting question today: If you could begin homeschooling again what is something you would have donedifferently? Or what is something you wished you knew then that you know now? Itdoesn’t matter how long you have been homeschooling to answer. I am rethinkingall of my homeschooling as my 2 year old grows […]

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Books, Books, Books

I loved Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass because I thought they were funny. I confess Peter Pan never impressed me much, although I read it as a mother and cried over Peter’s little milk teeth (My oldest started school that year, her first and last in public school, and I was […]

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Institutional Homeschooling

Suppose I went to a large institution and visited their kitchen. I see their incredibly huge dough mixer, capable of handling enough dough to make 20 loaves of bread at once. I am impressed by the oven, which has eight burners on the stove top and four huge ovens beneath. I really like the automated […]

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The Primrose Post

I thought I’d share an adaptation of a post from the past, another forum, another time (i think the FYB was either an infant, or he was still in the womb), but, I hope, of some general interest and quite suitable for spring: Dear _____________(insert your name here), Thought I’d share what the kidlets are […]

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