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Charlotte Mason on Composition and Grammar for 4-6 grades, cont.

 One of the books Miss Mason used with 4-6 graders is How To Tell The Parts of Speech, by E. A. Abbott.  The book is dated enough that it is of limited use for today’s teacher/parent, unless you are confident enough in your knowledge of grammar to make adaptations and corrections as you go.  We […]

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Charlotte Mason’s Approach to Grammar, Grades 4-6

In searching for Miss Mason’s approach to grammar and composition after the for older children, I began by darting all over the place in the six volumes.  Like a hunting hound that has lost the scent, I amassed a good deal of unconnected and loosely connected material, blurred my vision and clouded my thinking and […]

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From a review of Lingua Materna, by Richard Wilson in A 1906 journal, School: A Monthly Record of Educational Thought and Progress, Volume 5. The author of the review is only given as A. J. S. I share this here because Richard Wilson is the author of Arnold’s Language Lessons, published by Edward Arnold at […]

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Educational Crossroads

Sarah Hoyt is moving house and going through boxes and she came across a report from her son’s sixth grade, and he failed math.  Her kid should not have failed math, so she was really puzzled.  Then they found the paper that explained why: Because that check list leading to an F in math read […]

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We’re Doing It Wrong

I am not surprised when public schooled kids are good kids and have a decent education (after all, most homeschooling parents are also graduates of public schools so have some first hand experience). But I am relieved, because statistically public schools have a dismal track record. They give diplomas to kids who are functionally illiterate […]

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