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Sheltering and Weird Homeschoolers

Q. Aren’t you worried that you’re sheltering your kids too much, keeping them isolated and they won’t be able to make it in the real world? A.This is an issue where our family really feels radically different from most of those we know. For one thing, the word ‘sheltered’ is never, ever used with a […]

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What Does It Mean To Homeschool for Religious Reasons?

Updated to correct link to Alasandra’s blog and fix a couple of spelling errors. Alasandra takes on the silly anti-homeschooling article here (we blogged about a similar, but different article here; there seems to be an outbreak of anti-homeschooling nonsense about). Those papers and the article about ‘Sham homeschooling‘ both make a fundamentally erroneous assumption- […]

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The ‘S’ Word for Homeschoolers

The socialization question (known as the ‘s’ word by manyhomeschoolers is an interesting one. I have some questions you maywant to consider.First, think about what you mean by socialization. What does thatword mean to you? What is socialization? What is the purpose of it,the goal? What would be the best way to reach that goal? […]

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Home-grown VS Instant Community

So I’ve been reading all this fun 1960s countercultural back to the land movement stuff, and I’ve been googling this and that to find out if these particular ‘simple living’ commune advocates kept their principles (some did, some didn’t), and posting fun bits and pieces from reading. And a day or two ago I wrote […]

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Who Needs Your (Stinking) Approval?

Somebody does, because like the song says, everybody needs somebody sometimes. What the song does not say but should be understood, is that everybody needs somebody to be supportive. If all that somebody did for everybody was sneer, well, who needs that? It’s important not to perform for approval, not to make the approval your […]

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