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College Teaching, 1908 Part Two

Part one is here. Journalist Harold Bolce spent two years visiting the nations most prestigious colleges and universities. He sat in classrooms, read syllabuses, took notes, interviewed professors, and read textbooks.  He was deeply disturbed by his findings, and believed that most Americans would be, too.  He wrote a series of articles about it for […]

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1908: Colleges teaching that there are no absolute evils

1908: The editor of a publication called the Cosmopolitan (not that Cosmopolitan) introduces a series of articles about colleges thus: This is the first of a series of articles by Mr Bolce, who has now completed a study of American colleges extending over two years. What Mr Bolce sets down here is of the most […]

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College Questions

Texas is working on setting up a database for their residents and college grads so that entering college students can make wiser, more informed choices about their majors. It helps them not commit the folly of believing the hype that all college educations automatically result in a greater income than not having a college education. […]

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Women With Degrees Have a Duty to Remain in the Workforce

Have a degree?  Female?  You are shirking your duties if you choose not to stay in the workforce. “I do consider any Harvard Law School degree obtained by a woman who then chooses not to use it in any sort of professional capacity throughout most of her life a wasted opportunity. That degree could have […]

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Ideas have consequences

The Freeh Report of the Special Investigative Counsel Regarding the Actions of Pennsylvania State University…. related to the reaction of Penn State officials to their clean knowledge that one of their own was serially abusing little boys who deserved far, far better than this is out. “”Our most saddening and sobering finding is the total […]

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