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Aids to Memory (part 2)

Aids to Memory, by Rea McCain, 1920, cont. (previously) Analysis of Aids to Memory Those characteristics of form or thought which are essential to the composilion as it stands are natural aids to memory. Any chance or accidental points which are selected for emphasis may be called artificial aids to memory. Natural Aids to Memory […]

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What is Worth Memorizing

What is Worth Memorizing? Rea McCain, 1920 Any selection to be worth memorizing must be the adequate expression of some emotion already experienced by the child. It must be the adequate expression, for, if the idea alone be beautiful, why not remember the idea and let the wording go? It must be the expression of […]

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1900s: Movies and recordings for school use

Because we post post moderns are so often completely cut off from the past, even the recent past, lacking context and judging the past on the basis of our ignorance, we make some silly mistakes. One of them is assuming that that movies and recordings were just not available for educational use until our era. […]

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Isaac Watts On Learning from Books, cont

Previously IX. By perusing books in the manner I have described, you will make all your reading subservient not only to the enlargement of your treasures of knowledge, but also to the improvement of your reasoning powers. There are many who read with constancy and diligence, and yet make no advances in true knowledge by […]

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Vintage Housekeeping Advice: Don’t Make Your Bed

I’m happy to report I have been following one part of the following advice faithfully nearly my entire life. Every child, boy as well as girl, should be taught to open the bed as soon as possible after it is left. Ideally every covering should be taken off separately and spread out by itself. This […]

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