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I wish I’d said that

From an 1890 Journal of Education: “Sooner or later the classicist argues, “Whatever the value of science, it is not indispensable, for I am wholly ignorant of it.” ” My dear Sir, one longs to say, “you are the very man in whose interests I am arguing. It is you who would he so much […]

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Isaac Watts on Improving the Mind Via Lectures

from Improvement of the mind, by Isaac Watts, D.D. Ed. by Stephen Previously, we read Isaac Watts’ discourse on improving the mind by reading.  Here he explains how listening to oral teaching may improve the mind: III. The advantage of verbal instructions by public or private lectures are these: 1. There is something more sprightly, more delightful and […]

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The “Basics”

What do you consider the basics of education? I’ve come to decide the basics of schooling might be reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic, but the basics of education include art, music, poetry, handicrafts, and physical activity.   if you want to produce people who have technical skills, but never will be able to do anything more […]

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Isaac Watts: On Improving the Mind by Reading

Previously II. The next way of improving the mind is by reading, and the advantages of it are such as these : 1. By reading we acquaint ourselves, in a very extensive manner, with the affairs, actions, and thoughts of the living and the dead, in the most remote nations, and most distant ages, and that […]

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Isaac Watts on the Benefits of Observation

Previously From Isaac Watts, Improvement of the Mind He’s spoken of the five ways of improving the mind, each with its own advantages and defects. Then he goes through each one individually, explaining in greater detail. First, he takes observation: “Let us trace over some of the particular advantages of each. I. One method of […]

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