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College Questions

Texas is working on setting up a database for their residents and college grads so that entering college students can make wiser, more informed choices about their majors. It helps them not commit the folly of believing the hype that all college educations automatically result in a greater income than not having a college education. [...]

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“Hitler was the leader of the country of Amsterdam,” and WWII was 300 years ago. -College Students at Penn State

Questioner: What was the Holocaust? American College Student: Um…I’m on the spot. Questioner: Which country was Adolf Hitler the leader of? American College Student: I think it’s Amsterdam? Questioner: What was Auschwitz? American College Student: I don’t know. Questioner: What were the Nuremburg Trials? American College Student: I don’t know. Questioner: How many Jews were [...]

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Uneducated, Unproductive

From 2005, but interesting: lives for Americans below the poverty line continue to get better in terms of what they are able to put in their households and have to make use of everyday. And do note that theaverage American household in 2005 was doing much better than its 1971 counterpart.  MUCH better – and this [...]

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Charlotte Mason and the Latest in Education Research Fast food restaurants operate with essentially one goal in mind- getting the food from the store to the customer in the most efficient way possible, and every step of the process is designed so that the human error factor is reduced- they want few decisions or processes left in the hands of employees.   [...]

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Foreign Language: Korean and Hangul

 Hangul or Hanguel is the Korean alphabet, and I’ve been slowly learning it.  This makes me very happy.  A Korean scholar of the middle ages said of the Hangul alphabet system: “a wise man can acquaint himself with them before the morning is over; a stupid man can learn them in the space of ten [...]

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Common Core and Communism

Here are some very, very interesting reads for you to consider, ponder, and absorb.   Maybe you’ll conclude by thinking I need to give my tinfoil hat a rest.  Or maybe you’ll ask where you can get your own. First, from a homeschooling mother who grew up in another country, and has a unique perspective [...]

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What Parental Involvement Really Means

We often hear that teachers lament the lack of parental involvement in their classrooms, and I know that is true, parents do too often leave it up to the professionals. But there are reasons for this that are not about the failures of the parents, but about the failures of the system. My primary experience [...]

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Another Reforming Education Effort

An internet friend shared this, and she shared some comments as well that I thought were worth passing on. She says that she appreciates his good intentions, but…. : “I find this both funny and sad. He is very compelling, and this is making its way around everywhere, as if he’s actually saying something novel. [...]

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Sample question from Teacher Assessment Test

A painting crew painted three rooms on Monday, five rooms on Tuesday, two rooms on Wednesday, four rooms on Thursday. How many gallons of paint did the crew use?   What other information must be provided to solve the above problem? A. Average number of rooms in the house B. Average number of rooms painted [...]

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Nation’s Education Programs Are Mediocre. Give Us More Money and Power.

” All those thoughtless, unskilled, unproductive, self-indulgent, and eminently dupable Americans – where have they been and what did they learn there?” As Richard Mitchell was pointing out in Graves of Academe 30 years ago or more, they have been to public school and are putting into practice the lessons they learned there, as did [...]

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