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Our Little Citizens- Primary Education Article, January, 1920 Part 2

Part One was ever so very long ago (almost a year): From Primary Education, January 1920   Plain Living and High Thinking Let us return to this slogan of the good old Americans. No nation was ever more prosperous than this. If the truth were told about the High Cost of Living, it would be […]

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Government Cookie Jars

Who has total control of our tax dollars? Who takes them? Who decides where they go? Who decides to raise our taxes and take more from us to give to others? Who is who chooses to give some firms our tax dollars as corporate welfare? Politicians. Corporations do lobby for money and favorable legislature, and […]

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Charity and Magical Thinking

One definition of Magical Thinking is: “merely thinking about an event in the external world can cause it to occur.” Personally, in some cases it also seems to result in the belief that merely thinking about it means it actually *did* occur. ¬†Somebody says, “Yes, I will do that for you,” and then they never […]

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Minimum Wage Hike

Seattle businesses are closing, particularly restaurants, in the wake of the mandate to raise minimum wages to $15/hour. There are a couple things people who do not write paychecks do not understand. The employer isn’t just paying that fifteen dollars an hour- he has other expenses tied to the hourly wage- unemployment insurance, some payroll […]

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Civics and Free Enterprise

I’ve seen this quoted all over the web, but sources are scarce, though I have seen it attributed to Ayn Rand as often as not. ¬†As always with maxims of this nature, they can be a little simplistic. Number 1, for instance- it depends on why the poor are poor and the wealthy are wealthy […]

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