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A Dementia Episode, From the archives

I found this in my archives of saved drafts.  It’s from back when my dad was well into the clutches of his dementia, but still living at home with my mom.  I don’t know if I ever edited and posted it, but if I did it would have been a while ago, seeing as how […]

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Living with Dementia, Dealing with a Wanderer

This is from a couple of years ago, maybe longer.  I was just looking through my backlog of saved drafts, most of which are useless and I end up deleting them. As our regular readers know, my father was diagnosed with vascular dementia a few years ago, and he died this year.   At the time […]

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Once Upon a Time…

My dad read me stories and poems. Today I sat with him for a couple hours and read him the first chapter in Genesis (‘you’ve said this before,’ he said),  Nine Little Goblins (one of his favorites when I was young), Little Red Riding Hood, and Sleeping Beauty (here is where I mention again, in […]

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Dementia Wonders: What’s Your Name?

My dad dropped by today and the FYG opened the door for him. He came in and I asked how he was doing. He said, “I don’t know yet because I am not here yet,” and then he chortled as though he’d said something hilarious. He sat down heavily, moving the tape measure I’d been […]

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Rambled Musings and Conversations With My Dad

I knew it was going to be a busy morning when I was rudely awakened (after about five hours of sleep) by Blynken and Nod trying loudly to be very, very quiet in the bathroom outside my bedroom door. The little boys and I cooked our breakfast together (I let everybody else fend for themselves). […]

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