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Skittles the Cat

We posted previously about poor Skittles here and here. We’ve been trying to find a good home for her, an inside home, a warm, safe, and snuggly home. Meanwhile, she hangs out in the garage until the evil cat Lily (Lily’s name has been changed to Bellatrix, or perhaps Lilith) chases her out. On very […]

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The Equuschick was going to write a Specific Post.

But she forgot what it was. There are actually three other topics under consideration, but all of them require investments of time and energy currently outside The Equuschick’s limited resources, so she shall file them away somewhere in her ratroom of a brain under “To Write Later When You Feel Like Asking Your Muse to […]

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Speaking of Philistines

We live near a small, private, liberal arts college. It’s an older college, the buildings all made of a charming red brick, and there is ivy rambling up some of them. Part of the grounds include an old Indian school where Indian children were kidnapped by the government and forced to go to American schools […]

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One Little, Two Little, Three Little Tigers…

Actually, no one really has any idea how many tigers still exist in the wild, and if you ever hear any precise numbers generated, you should be very suspicious. Tigers are, The Equuschick is told in her lovely book How the Tiger Lost Its Stripes: An Exploration into the Endangerment of a Species, essentially large […]

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Of Sheep and Goats

TNFarm Girl says: I believe one of the most amazing things that happens when you live the agrarian life is that the Scriptures take on a new life….so many of the Lord’s parables and stories related to agrarian things. Reaping and sowing become a part of your seasonal work when you live the agaraian life. […]

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