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The Equuschick was going to write a Specific Post.

But she forgot what it was. There are actually three other topics under consideration, but all of them require investments of time and energy currently outside The Equuschick’s limited resources, so she shall file them away somewhere in her ratroom of a brain under “To Write Later When You Feel Like Asking Your Muse to […]

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Aww, horsie cuteness.

For the record, this cute horse looks muchly like The Equuschic’s first horse that she still has, only in much better shape.

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You should see the other guy!

He tried to steal my coffee!!! No, really, I was leading a horse (improperly, I’m sure) ; he quickly turned his head and struck me just above the eye. Yes, it did hurt, but this is the first black eye I have ever had! A nice shade though, I’m thinking of doing the left eye […]

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For Equuschick

A story about ‘Clever Hans,’ a horse who could allegedly think and do math crossed my desk today, and this website has some information which may be of interest to you (I’m thinking particularly the part about horses and sight commands).

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The Equuschick’s Ten Simple Pleasures

*The ears of a Labrador Retriever. Soft and floppy and funny and all velvety. Very kissable. (You knew it was coming, so we got it out of the way.)*The neck of a horse. There are few things better to bury your face in.*Good chats with good friends.*Familiar friendly books, such as Anne of Green Gables […]

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