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Giant Shipworm Discovery

Giant shipworms, which don’t burrow in ships, have been eluding scientists. Scientists have known of it for a long time, but only recently were able to study a live specimen.  Which is funny, because Pilipinos on Palawan Island  have been eating them for quite some time. “”I’ve been studying shipworms since 1989 and in all […]

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Nudibranchs, Coral, Crochet and Math

Nudibranchs may not be able to do math, but perhaps they are performing math: For your somewhat advanced students with a healthy curiosity about and interest in topics like marine biology, especially nudibranchs and coral), geometry, holograms.. and crochet! “Living in tropical coral reefs are species of sea slugs known as nudibranchs, adorned with flanges […]

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Red Fox Sketches

Scroll down for  a larger collection of red fox sketches.  They are from School Arts magazine, volume fifteen (1916, I think). If you have never seen a red fox (at the zoo, in the wild, on a nature program), it would probably be good to look at a few pictures- try here or this video of a […]

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The Bird

You’ll remember that a couple weeks ago my husband brought home this creature.  Why, yes. Yes, it is still here. The sunroom was determined to be too variable in temperature for the health of phylum chordata, class aves, so the cage was placed upstairs next to the deck doors. Coincidentally, this means that our Australian […]

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Critters and Flitters

I am not, by nature, an animal person.  This is true even though we always had a dog when I was growing up, and we usually had other pets as well.  From time to time we had other pets- goldfish, parakeets, mice, mice, some more mice, and lots of mice (yes, on purpose), a rabbit, […]

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