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The Flaws in Wrinkle in Time Movie Are Deliberate

REad here. “In an interview with Screen Rant, writer Jennifer Lee explained why she took out the Christian themes and Bible references from the book. “It wasn’t removed, it was just opened up in language that wasn’t exclusive, guardian angels versus stars, are they the same thing? Maybe,” Lee said. She emphasized “inclusivity,” saying, “Since we’re […]

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Low Context and High Context cultures

Cultural Divide, Low Context Versus High Context (direct vs indirect) In my opinion and experience, this is the cultural difference that probably causes the most frustration, hurt feelings and misunderstandings. It’s also the most difficult one for me to adapt to- I can understand it in my head, but I can’t see it when it’s […]

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GREAT Resource on Cultural Intelligence

Hey- for those of you who find my culture differences posts fascinating, the best source I’ve had (besides talking to local people) is David Livermore’s Customs of the World: Using Cultural Intelligence to Adapt, Wherever You Are. It’s one of the Great Courses offerings and right now you can get it for 50% off the […]

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Collectivist vs individualist cultures

I’ve recommended this course a few times, and I have to recommend it again: Customs of the World: Using Cultural Intelligence to Adapt, Wherever You Are Written by: The Great Courses , David Livermore Narrated by: Professor David Livermore Length: 11 hrs and 59 mins Series: The Great Courses: Better Living Lecture Release Date:08-13-13 Publisher: […]

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Forgiveness and other Cultural Craziness

I’m reading, or skimming, Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis, once more. I am not sure how many times this makes. But I think it’s been quite a few years since the last time. One of the things that is striking me this time, and striking with pain, is how divorced our culture is from […]

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