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On the Making of Menus, Part the Fourth

Taken from a 1908 Good Housekeeping Article. Previous installments:Part 1Part 2Part 3 A married older sister is teaching her younger sister, who lives with the couple, how to make frugal menus using what is on hand, while also eating healthful meals. She has just suggested to her younger sister than instead of dessert, one might […]

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Cooking Dandelion

DANDELION Note.—It is almost comic to think of consuming this constellation of our roadsides, this enemy of our lawns; but the medicinal properties of dandelion, as a purifier of the blood, are too noteworthy to be neglected, and whether as a salad or a culinary green-stuff, it should be sincerely recommended. The young green leaves […]

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Seasons for Vegetables

I’ve had several recent blog posts where we discussed that eating vegetables seasonally is a good way to save money as well as make sure your family gets the variety that is important for good nutrition. I came across this list of seasonal vegetables in a cookbook published in 1916. For many reasons it won’t […]

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Almond Torte Cake

I have never made this, but I came across it in a batch of recipes written on old index cards and snipped from newpapers that belonged to my great-grandmother, who died in her nineties sometime in the early 1960s.  It looks yummy, but pricey: Almond Torte Cake8 eggs1 1/2 cups powdered sugar1/2 pound ground almonds1 […]

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Minding Your P’s and Q’s, November 5th

I am going through the month of November, or rather, the first 26 days with a letter of the alphabet for each day, and naming something to be thankful for for that start’s with that day’s letter. A-D are here. Nov. 5th- E- Eggs. I am so thankful for eggs. I love them in omelettes, […]

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