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WW2 Cookery and Consumption

The HG found this cookbook at the Rattery. It was published to help in the ‘Food Fight for Freedom” by Home Economics Institute at Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co. The very first article is by T/Sgt Robert McDevitt of the U.S. Quartermaster Corps, and it’s all about how all the men in the military are […]

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WW2 Cookery and Cream

This cookbook was published in 1944 and distributed by the Bowman Dairy Company. They were in operation from 1874 until 1966 when Dean Milk bought them out.That’s ‘Bud Bowman’ pictured on the front. Ruth Fisher Holbrook was giving cooking lectures and classes in the fifties. There’s a badly proofread scanned text of an article announcing […]

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WW2 Cookery and Casseroles

Here’s another sheet of recipes from the People’s Gas Nutrition Center, circa WW2. Click on the picture to enlarge.I can’t decide which of these recipes looks the most unappetizing to me. I think I’d be willing to try the Baked Salmon and Rice Loaf. The ‘escalloped potatoes with frankfurters’ doesn’t sound too good to me, […]

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Carnival of the Recipes

Welcome to another Carnival of the Recipes, where you can find some good downhome cooking, fancy dishes for entertaining, and terrific recipes for celebrating, feasting, and eating anytime! I had a bit of a short circuit with the carnival, and I appreciate Shawn for helping me out! I think I managed to include all the […]

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Yes, She’s STILL Bragging Sharing Her Library Plunder

Brer Rabbit’s Modern REcipes for the Modern Hostess, a vintage booklet of recipes from Brer Rabbit molasses. Undated, but molasses came in a can when it was published, and by the pictures and ads, I would guess the fifties. Make It Now, Bake It Later, by Barbara Goodfellow- cookbook, small, vanity publisher, but the recipes […]

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