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Oatmeal Raisin Crisps

These cookies are yummy, according to my mother, my daughter, my grandchildren, and me.  Meh, according the Prince of Pickiness, who includes cookies on his list of one million and twelve foods he professes to dislike. The recipe comes from a cookie cookbook my Sunday School teacher gave me in the seventies- we had a […]

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Packed LUnch: Focaccia Quick Bread

Somebody gave us this bento lunch set. I have no idea what the tall container is for, and neither did the person who gave it to me (she’d had it given to her and she didn’t know what any of them were for). Ideas?   I made a sort of quick bread focaccia bread- I […]

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My November Menu Plan

Pictured is what my menus look like in reality, but you know, at least I’m shooting for something even thought I fail.  We have company coming in for part of the month- all the children except for Jenny Any Dots will be here for a bit- she’ll be having a baby this month.=)  Some of […]

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Grain-Free Porridge

This is amazing. I made it for the Cherub this morning. Hers is sweet because the almond milk somebody left here was the sweetened kind. You put 3/4 cup of almond/coconut/other milk in a large cup or bowl in the microwave, cook 2 minutes. Add 6 T. Coconut flakes, 3 T. almond meal, and 1 […]

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Reheating Frozen Muffins

When you make and freeze ahead a batch of quick breads, like muffins, you do lose a bit of quality when it comes to reheating them. There are some ways to help mitigate that. Mainly, you want to find some ways to restore moist heat, and they need to be eaten while still hot from […]

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