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Connections All Around

Originally posted in 2007      We began homeschooling in 1988. I had been brought up with poetry, classical music, and living books, so naturally, they were already part of our lives, as were folk songs and regular field trips to historical sites and science museums. My background combined with the fact that the very […]

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Charlotte Mason, Art, and the Science of Relations

In Childhood, the Prelude, William Wordsworth refers “To those first-born affinities that fit Our new existence to existing things, And, in our dawn of being, constitute The bond of union betwixt life and joy.” Webster’s 1828 Dictionary gives several meanings for ‘affinity:’ 1. The relation contracted by marriage, between a husband and his wife’s kindred, and between […]

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How Large is Your Room?

From one of Rachel Peden’s three nature books [A friend has purchased and restored 23 acres of formerly barren land]: She wanted it because at heart she is an earth lover and wanted a more intimate relationship with the tulip poplars, maples, sassafrases, sumacs, and white oaks, and the bittersweet and dewberries on the ground, […]

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News and Views

The Iranian President says the countdown to Israel’s destruction has begun. Because it’s, you know, the religion of peace- Promoting peace in our country, too. What Freedom of Religion looks like in Malaysia. As Abdul at Hyscience says: Note that sharia law is what CAIR’s agenda has in store for America, as expressed by Omar […]

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Science and Human Values, a Commonplace Book Entry

From part 2, ‘The Habit of Truth’ In ‘The Creative Mind’ I set out to show that there exists a single creative activity, which is displayed alike in th earts and in the sciences. It is wrong to think of science as a mechanical record of facts, and it is wrong to think of the […]

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