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Parenting and Homeschooling Thoughts for the Day

Something Old: Notes from The House and Home, A Practical Book, Volume 1, Published 1894-1896 A compendium of information and ideas from many authors Kate Douglas Wiggin, author of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and Mother Carey’s Chicken’s (one of our favorites) has a chapter on “The Training of Children.” Wiggin was a devotee of Froebel, […]

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In Childhood, the Prelude, William Wordsworth refers “To those first-born affinities that fit Our new existence to existing things, And, in our dawn of being, constitute The bond of union betwixt life and joy.” Webster’s 1828 Dictionary gives several meanings for ‘affinity:’ 1. The relation contracted by marriage, between a husband and his wife’s kindred, […]

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Horrible Warnings & Bad Examples: Why We Need Them

This is Books and Character, Part The Third. In a previous post I said that the bad examples in literature are at least as important as the good examples. I think this is particularly true for my children. In some ways, we live somewhat sheltered lives. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. Some […]

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Books build character

A few months back a friend and I exchanged our thoughts on how we can warn our children about the dangers of certain character flaws or the negative results of some of life’s poorer choices. I prefer to use books. This is one reason why we don’t limit our reading to books where the characters […]

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