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What Are They Teaching Your Children?

Suppose that your local public school required students to spend a few weeks ‘pretending’ to be Catholic. They would need to memorize and recite Catholic prayers, give up something they enjoyed for a day to get a taste of Lent, role play a trip to the Vatican to see the Pope, learn the sacraments of […]

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Personal Notes from Norms and Nobility, by David Hicks

Sometime back educator Jonathan Kallay initiated a bit of a firestorm with some illiberal remarks about homeschooling. He withstood the withering fire resulting from that very well indeed, and his responses impressed me very much. SEveral profitable discussions resulted from that initial post. One particularly attention catching remark Jonathan made at the time was to […]

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The Surprise VIP Visit

I didn’t take notes of this at the time, so this is from memory some years later. I’m sure I have some details wrong. But this is the way I recall it. I was at a big Air Force Recruiter shindig with the Headmaster. This was their big end of the year bash. Spouses got […]

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Quote from Charlotte Mason

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ‘God doth Instruct.’––In the things of science, in the things of art, in the things of practical everyday life, his God doth instruct him and doth teach […]

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Idle Pity

One of my personal peeves with email lists is a certain pattern of behavior by a certain sort of person- usually a woman- who insists on forwarding every single email she ever receives about missing children and children with cancer who want postcards. Repeatedly when such a silly email shows up a more sensible person […]

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