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Prayer, and Katrina in Mississippi

Amanda Witt has a post of comfort and solace to those among us who can do ‘no more than’ pray. Katie Barr at CM, Children, and Lots of Grace, has some very specific and heartbreaking information from MIssissippi. I’ve been bothered by how much emphasis we here at the Common Room have placed on the […]

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A Living Book

A well read person, said Miss Charlotte Mason, will be familiar with “Men and their motives, the historical sequence of events, principles for the conduct of life, in fact, practical philosophy, is what the emergencies of the times require us to possess and to be able to communicate.” We don’t learn these good things in […]

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Narration Jar

Narration is an important part of a Charlotte Mason education, and a deceptively simple one. Do not be fooled by its simplicity. Narration is the bones for essays, critiques, and all other sorts of more formal writing later on. Narration seems so simple, but it really gets the brain working on all sorts of complex […]

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Horrible Warnings & Bad Examples: Why We Need Them

This is Books and Character, Part The Third. In a previous post I said that the bad examples in literature are at least as important as the good examples. I think this is particularly true for my children. In some ways, we live somewhat sheltered lives. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. Some […]

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Books build character

A few months back a friend and I exchanged our thoughts on how we can warn our children about the dangers of certain character flaws or the negative results of some of life’s poorer choices. I prefer to use books. This is one reason why we don’t limit our reading to books where the characters […]

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