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Handicrafts Paper Sloyd

The Journal of Education, Volume 12  At a recent meeting of the Bradford Branch of the Teachers Guild (January, 1890) “Mr. J. S. Thornton, of Manchester, read a paper on the teaching of “Sloyd,” and displayed a very large collection of objects made under the system. He was accompanied by Miss Andren, who explained the steps […]

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Why Study Botany?

“…every wild flower that grows in their neighbourhood, they should know quite well; should be able to describe the leaf––its shape, size, growing from the root or from the stem; the manner of flowering––a head of flowers, a single flower, a spike, etc. And, having made the acquaintance of a wild flower, so that they […]

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Charlotte Mason and a Japanese Dance Group

This is a little different than my usual Asian music shares, and they are a wildly popular group so you may already have heard of them.  I only really heard them yesterday, and I’ve looked at a few videos and came across something I found really interesting.  First a couple basic video introductions to what […]

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Isaac Watts on notebooking

Previously Isaac Watts, 1674-1748, was writer of hymns, clergyman, theologian, logician, philospher, author of over 600 hymns and a popular textbook on logic. He wrote the book from which these excerpts have been taken as a supplement to his logic textbook. The book from whence I have taken this series of excerpts is formidably titled, […]

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Readings on Building Good Habits

Volume 1, pages 96-169: Volume 2: “This brings us to a beneficent law of Nature, which underlies the whole subject of early training, and especially so this case of the child whose mother must bring him forth a second time into a life of beauty and harmony. To put it in an old form […]

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