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Narration, and More

Narration is the first response to books when using a Charlotte Mason Education. You continue narration all the way through school.  But as the students grow older and more accomplished with narration, beginning somewhere between 9 and 12 (and probably closer to 10-12) you can add some other things as well. Consider this oft overlooked […]

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From the Digital Archives

Click here. There is an article with this fascinating note, which I’ll summarize: In 1894 Lady Isabel Margesson basically attempted a coup- she wanted a pamphlet to be issued that would ‘clarify’ the aims of the PNEU as wishing to develop the education theories of Pestalozzi, Herbert Spencer, and Froebel, ‘and other educational philosophers.’   CM […]

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Using Movies for Education

Part II- I answered the question about whether or not Miss Mason would have used film if it were available to her,  briefly here, with a lot of quotes from CM showing she was familiar with movies (the cinema), and she dismissed them as entertainment.  But I have more to share.  First,  let me first […]

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Education is the science of relations

and here’s one from the past- our fifth girl was nine years old when I saw this making of connections light a fire in my 9 y.o. daughter.  She connected another science text she’d read with watching Riverdance (on video)- a seemingly trivial segment. As the camera angel backed off from the lights, producing the […]

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Contextual Background to Volume 6 of the CM Series

Many who read CM’s earlier volumes and then come to volume 6 note the more subdued tone.  In the earlier books she at times makes me very uncomfortable with her almost Messianic view of education and its role in improving the entire human race, generation after generation. The Day the Universe Changed, by James Burke,  […]

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