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Charlotte Mason: Books for FORM I

Most homeschoolers know that Charlotte Mason advocated that children learn from a literature-based curriculum, that she disdained ‘twaddle,’ and recommended the reading of many well-written books for children. She called these books ‘living books.’ However, a truly Charlotte Mason education begins well before the books.  See all of volume 1 for instance, or ch. 8 […]

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Charlotte Mason On Spelling

First of all: Charlotte Mason differentiates between spelling and reading–and I think she’s right to some degree. Phonics rules help immensely with reading (and she does talk about this a little in the pages that lead up to her discussion of spelling in volume 1). They help a lot, but not quite as much, with […]

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Charlotte Mason Is Not Unit Studies, and Vice Versa

Many homeschoolers love unit studies because they seem to do such a good job at making education ‘inter-disciplinary,’ at forming connections between one topic and another.  They had unit studies in Miss Mason’s day- it was called ‘the correlation of lessons,’ and correlation is the building of connections. The person making those connections is the […]

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A Charlotte Mason Education: Not Just About the Books

Miss Mason’s educational doctrines, if you will, are based on broad principles and ideas, not just the books themselves. Miss Mason said simply using her books would not produce the results she got, because her method was about more than a booklist. It was about her principles of education.  There are 21 of them, and […]

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Vocabulary and Intelligence

Here’s an interesting article by E. D. Hirsch, founder of the CORE curriculum project and author of the CORE knowledge books. He talks about how poorly our students are doing after they graduate, presuming they do graduate, and why: ” And for guidance on what helps students finish college and earn more income, we should […]

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