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Charlotte Mason’s ‘Umbrella’ Composition Book

It’s not her book, in the sense that she wrote it, but hers as the one she talks about when explaining how composition should *not* be taught. I mentioned it here. I can’t find the full book online, but I found a MacMillan sample book- a book with samples of pages from various of their […]

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Charlotte Mason: Composition Grades 4-6

In years 4-6 for Composition and grammar, Miss Mason had her students learn the parts of speech, and do some assigned writing. The assignments and topics came from their reading, and were in addition to regular oral or sketched narration of all their readings. The older children (fifth and sixth grade) might be asked to […]

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Charlotte Mason Composition: What Not to Do

  What not to do is actually pretty simple, because Miss Mason gave us a very specific set of bad examples and horrible warnings in volume 1.  I repost it below, adapted, paraphrased, and even somewhat rearranged for my purposes to bring out some points I wish to highlight: An Educational Futility. (Webster’s 1828 gives […]

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A Grammar Book Charlotte Mason Used

I’ve been working forever, it feels like, on coming up with my next set of posts on what Charlotte Mason’s did for grammar and language arts in the upper years. I’m getting a handle on it now and really, I promise, unless something in real life intervenes, I should have the next one up and […]

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Nature Study, Science, and Charlotte Mason

Study finds that just looking at nature for even a few seconds can help you focus better and improve your thinking (they need studies for this stuff?)- although, most of the studies seem to involve looking at images of nature, rather than nature itself. At any rate, we know there were plenty of people there […]

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