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More Charlotte Mason Bookmarks

These have the twenty principles as found in the front of volume 6, plus a couple extra quotes because I could fit two more on the second page. Click to enlarge.  Right click to save or print. Make sure your paper orientation is landscape, and the margins are .5.  It also helps to have coloured […]

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More Charlotte Mason Bookmarks

These have the 18 principles found in the front of the first five of Miss Mason’s books on education.  In volume 6, she updated it to 20 principles.  I’ll do a set of those later.  I took the colours from the wood violets growing on our property. Click to enlarge. Set printer paper to landscape […]

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Copywork, Cursive Practice, Richard II

  These should not be used before a child can form his cursive letters properly- they are for practice, not for teaching cursive writing. To me, the largest value in teaching cursive writing is that the student be able to read it, and form their own distinctive, legible, signature. Hence, while I’m a little frustrated […]

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Cursive Copywork Printables: Island Story

(Image links appear broken, but if you click on them, they should show up)   These were a lot more complicated to make than the others, and I’m less satisfied with them.  None of the cursive alphabets I have in Word pleased me 100%.  I could sometimes make the samples better to my liking by […]

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Five Little Peppers Copywork Printables

Links appear broken, but if you click on them they will show up full size:     Yeah, sorry about that one.  =) Click on the ‘broken’ images for the full sized version:   More copywork pages: From Five Little Peppers and How They Grew: Here– along with some tips and hints on how to […]

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