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Grammar and Comp High School

It strikes me, perhaps because it is 1 a.m. as I write, that all we CM educators really need to know about the teaching of composition can be found in a single scathing review Miss Mason wrote about a book purporting to teach children how to write them: “English Composition (Part I.), by Amy Kimpster […]

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SWEET Giveaway, and more

I promise, you do not want to miss this!  It’s fun!  And FREE!   Not free, regrettably, but also fun- an AmblesideOnline Conference in Texas!! If you can afford it, you do not want to miss it.  But I won’t lie- if you can’t afford it, you will survive. Conferences are great, but they are […]

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Reading and Narrating with a wide age span

From time to time when my kids were young, I would read them all the same story and had them narrate, even though there is a wide spread. Greek and Roman mythology pleased everybody, and even my teenagers enjoyed hearing a familiar old fairy tale read aloud (still do).  And sometimes I read them all something […]

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Audio Post: Nature Study, The Ideal

In 1905 Reverend Thornley presented the following paper to a P.N.E.U. Conference- well, he presented a longer version- this audio file is just part 1. In this section on the ‘ideal’ he is not presenting idealistuc but impractical ideas for nature study. Rather, he is explaining the ideology behind nature study- why it’s important, what […]

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Centered. In the zone. Zen. Flow.

That feeling you get when you are really focused a task, usually something you love, and the outside world recedes and it’s just you, doing your thing. You are not reading a book, you are the story in the book, you are living it. YOu are not writing something you are marking up or creating, […]

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