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Sloyd, a Pedagogy and Philosophy of Handicraft

“Otto Salomon, in his book on the Theory of Educational Sloyd, thus explains it:” “Sloyd is a system of Educational Handwork. In Sweden the term Sloyd embraces many useful forms of handcraft, such as: work in wood, (carpentry, carving, fret work, and turnery); in metal, (brass, iron, and wire); leather; cardboard, and such occupations as brush […]

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Lizzie Hickson’s Son: science in a P.N.E.U. School

Much respect to Mama Squirrel at the treehouse, who found that our Mrs. Hickson son Arthur, who helped run the school with her after his father Frederick fell ill, presented a breakout session on science at a PNEU conference. Here’s the handout: At the Thirty First Annual Conference of the P.N.E.U. the notes of a […]

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Red Fox Sketches

Scroll down for  a larger collection of red fox sketches.  They are from School Arts magazine, volume fifteen (1916, I think). If you have never seen a red fox (at the zoo, in the wild, on a nature program), it would probably be good to look at a few pictures- try here or this video of a […]

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More history for CM Wonks and Geeks

I spent way too mch time on this today but I got kind of wrapped up in cool rabbit trails and connections all around. We have a Quaker thing. We have a few very cool connections with India and people working hard for good causes. We have a P.N.E.U. school in England founded by an […]

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For CM Geeks and Wonks- from In Memoriam

“Miss Mason stood, firm as a rock in the Utilitarian age, for the essentials of a Humanist education. She grew up in an atmosphere of materialism in education; that this is no longer dominant is due largely to her efforts. The fact that she had to fight for her humanist ideal braced her and called […]

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