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P.N.E.U. Principles As Illustrated by Teaching, 2

P.N.E.U. Principles As Illustrated by Teaching by Miss R. A. Pennethorne, Ex-Student, House of Education Volume 10, 1899, pgs. 549 I wrote part one of this set a little over a year ago. Nobody can say I was hasty, right? ┬áIf you want to brush up on that, you could read part one here. She’s […]

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Random Excerpts from Parents’ Review Magazines

Random notes from perusing hard copies I once had in my possession: I’m finding myself very interested in Mrs. Steinthal- the Aunt Mai in the children’s section and one of the names Miss Mason lists as being involved from the beginning. I found this in the preface of vol. 6-This is how the late Mrs. […]

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Which CM Volume Should You Read First?

CM volume: Miss Mason wrote six books in her series on education. That series is often mistitled the ‘Home Education’ or “Homeschooling Series.” This is not an ideal or accurate description because the books are not really about homeschooling, they are about educating children- at home, in school, in private or public schools, or in […]

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Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival!

Ordinarily, at least the last several many times (as a little boy in my neighborhood said about how much candy he wanted), this has been hosted at Fisher Academy. They have been pretty busy there recently so I get to guest host. I meant to get this up a week ago, but with all the […]

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12 Copywork Suggestions from The Art of War

Copywork or or short dictation: all these sentences are from The Art of War by Sun Tzu The short dictation is my own suggest if you are beginning a CM approach with an older student- age 10 or older, who has not done studied dictation before. 1. We attack, and the enemy cannot resist, because […]

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