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TeeTotallers Wassail

Delicious and heartwarming Christmas punch, can be whole30 compliant 2 quarts apple juice or cider 1 tablespoon whole cloves 2 cinnamon sticks 1 cup of orange juice 1/2 cup of pineapple juice Secret ingredient: for regular punch, 1/2 cup of brown sugar. For those who don’t want refined sugars, put in 1/2 cup of raisins [...]

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Vintage Christmas decoration to print, colour

You could just do a row of soldiers, like this (click to enlarge, set your printer to landscape): You can have them stand in a row, or, if you fold them in half back to back, paste them and make sure they are sturdy, tape them into a ring and put them around a candle. [...]

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Printable vintage ornaments to colour, hang on tree

  I took some the images from the second set and made them so you can have them double sided – just print, color, and fold.  Another way to make them double sided is to color them with markers that bleed through.=)   Isn’t baby plum pudding adorable? Share! Blog this! Recommend on Facebook Share [...]

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Christmas Gift Tags

Click the picture to enlarge. Set your printer settings to landscape and then to fill the page, and this should print out one full page of gift tags. (Update: I fiddled with it again and now it should work without adjusting to fit the page, but do a print preview first to be sure). The [...]

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About Santa, Seriously

In the Santa Wars, of which we are casualties, children are often brought in as small foot soldiers, only there’s an interesting twist to that- the children of the non-Santa troops are asked to perform as defenders of the (admittedly charming) Santa myth for the other side. More on that in a moment. Being the [...]

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Christmas Baking

To the right is a picture from one of my vintage children’s books, this one about living in Wales. The children in that picture are stirring the Christmas plum pudding- all the neighbors drop by to take a turn stirring, and then the family  will bake enough to share with all the neighbors, a charming [...]

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Thanksgiving Plans

A couple weeks before thanksgiving, the women of the family have a tea at Granny Tea’s house where we discuss who’s coming, and figure out who will make what.   Then for the next couple of weeks, we continue to invite more people so all our plans kind of have to be stretched, but we [...]

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Veteran’s Day

Love this veteran of 20 years in the Air Force. Love these guys, too. The big guy on the left, towards the back is our son in law Shasta. This picture was taken in 2008. This week he and our daughter the Equuschick celebrated their fifth anniversary.  Shasta joined the army right out of high [...]

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Thanksgiving Books, Free4Kindle

book shelf border small

These are free at the time of listing, and most of this will remain free because it’s largely public domain texts. One or two will probably change. You don’t need a Kindle to enjoy them- you can download and read online or on your handheld device if you have one- there are apps for that [...]

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Memorial Day, 2013

This is how Memorial Day ought to be observed. Here is the program used by Public School No 39 in the Borough of the Bronx in 1906 to celebrate Memorial Day- it began with scripture reading and a hymn. James Whitcomb Riley’s Decoration Day poem (the old name for Memorial Day) Hawks and Doves Thank-you, Shasta [...]

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