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The Best Hundred Books

“(The ‘hundred best books for the schoolroom’ may be put down on a list, but not by me. I venture to propose one or two principles in the matter of school-books, and shall leave the far more difficult part, the application of those principles, to the reader. For example, I think we owe it to […]

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Previously I. If we would form a judgment of a book which we have not seen before, the first thing that offers is the title-page, and we may sometimes guess a little at the import and design of a book thereby; though it must be confessed that titles are often deceitful, and promise more than […]

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The HG’s Reading Lately…

…finished these books in the last month(ish): ~ Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain ~ If I were to give this a numbers rating out of 10, I think it’d be a 7. Cain brilliantly handles the way our group-think society ignores the real value of […]

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Arizona Republic has a good article about the use of phonics in teaching kids how to read. A 2000 report by the National Reading Panel virtually put an end to “The Reading Wars.” It deemed phonics as critically important combined with whole-word strategies to enhance comprehension. Basic phonetic rules help children sound out words, but […]

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Why My 13 Y.O. Has to Read Francis Bacon’s Essays

In volume Four of Charlotte Mason’s six volume series, she writes about the instructed conscience.  It is the responsibility of every soul, she explains, to be sure we are the happy possessors of such a thing. Part of an instructed conscience includes: The power to form moral judgments and the power to live a virtuous life […]

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