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A Tale of Two Heidis

The illustration to the left is from an older book, a full translation. This first bit of text is from an abridgement, or more accurately, a ‘retelling.’  Read it, picturing the story in your mind (make a movie of it, or a series of book illustrations): “Clara could hardly control her excitement when she learned […]

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Reading: Sea of Skulls

Vox Day’s Sea of Skulls The prologue and opening chapter feature a stomach churning horrible attack on a local feudal lord’s holdings and a subsequent rape of the only survivor by orcs and a favorable description of a intimate union between a sorcerer and a young woman who possesses latent magical talents. Because of a […]

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Watts: Discerning the judgement of others on books

Previously Basically, he’s been discussing under what conditions should you let somebody else’s opinions of a book inform or sway you. This is worth thinking about, and thinking about carefully. What he says applies not only to books but other forms of media as well. XI. When you hear any person pretending to give his […]

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Reading Books, Since I’m Without Wi-Fi

A scent of Rumduol a Novel of Cambodia (this was free and it still is) – I think everybody with an interest in Asia, in Viet Nam, in orphans, in the poor, in child welfare, in missions, humanity, should read this book. Every adult anyway. It is never gratuitously graphic in the details, but there […]

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Free4Kindle: Read (it’s subversive)

Unless otherwise noted, books are free but this can change without notice. Doublecheck. If you click a link and it doesn’t finish loading, just hit refresh. Sometimes the page just kind of hangs for some reason, I am not sure why. If I don’t say, “I loved this book” or “I read this,” Or something […]

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