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Comstock’s Nature Study and the Value of ‘I Do Not Know.’

WHEN AND WHY THE TEACHER SHOULD SAY ” I DO NOT KNOW ” No science professor in any university, if he be a man of high attainment, hesitates to say to his pupils, ” I do not know/’ if they ask for information beyond his knowledge. The greater his scientific reputation and erudition, the more […]

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Books for your Kindle Collections

1.99 Hear That Lonesome Whistle Blow: The Epic Story of the Transcontinental Railroads, by Dee Brown (Author of Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee) 2.99 for Diane Setterfield’s The Thirteenth Tale FREE: A Noble LIfe, by Dina Maria Mulock Craik: Amazon Review: The last Earl of Cairnforth is born severely disabled, just days after the […]

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Two Versions of Heidi

I posted about this before, sharing excerpts from two different versions of Heidi.  Here’s another example: Much later in the book, Heidi at last gets to return home.  She has come home with a fair sum of money the grandfather wishes her to put away to save. She asks instead if she can’t use it to buy daily white […]

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A Tale of Two Heidis

The illustration to the left is from an older book, a full translation. This first bit of text is from an abridgement, or more accurately, a ‘retelling.’  Read it, picturing the story in your mind (make a movie of it, or a series of book illustrations): “Clara could hardly control her excitement when she learned […]

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Reading: Sea of Skulls

Vox Day’s Sea of Skulls The prologue and opening chapter feature a stomach churning horrible attack on a local feudal lord’s holdings and a subsequent rape of the only survivor by orcs and a favorable description of a intimate union between a sorcerer and a young woman who possesses latent magical talents. Because of a […]

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