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In Which the DHM Kicks Herself For Not Practicing What She’s Preached

I have blogged about this before, CM and Slow Reading, quoted Miss Mason: “Novels are our lesson books only so far as we give thoughtful, considerate reading to such novels as are also literature.” I’ve written about the slow-reading movement, quoted Lindsay Waters: …slowing down can produce a deeply profound quiet that can overwhelm your […]

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Composition, IV

There’s a lot of material below, fleshing out the items I put in this handy printable chart you can save and keep in your own notebook, or post to the fridge.  To print, click on the picture to enlarge. Set your printer orientation to landscape, and this is important, set the margins to .25.   […]

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Free Books

Nature Writing: The Mason-Bees Excerpt: As the nests of the Mason-bee of the Walls are erected on small-sized pebbles, which can be easily carried wherever you like and moved about from one place to another, without disturbing either the work of the builder or the repose of the occupants of the cells, they lend themselves […]

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This Book is Too Hard

You’ve chosen a curriculum, and you’ve hit a stumbling block- a book that is too hard. Your kids aren’t getting it, you hate it, and you think it’s obviously too hard.  What do you do? The easiest thing in the world to do is just drop the book.  Put it on a shelf for later. […]

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School with the Boy: WW1

I’m including this here for others even though I’ve just collected them and filed them in a word document for us.  This is what The Boy is reading for poetry this term- a series of blog posts over at the old Gates of Vienna Site.  They are, collectively: The Poetry of War:  I   II   III   IV   V   VI  VII From Part […]

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