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Books, Fiction & Otherwise, from 2015

I tried mightily to write a neatly-organized list of the top 5 or 10 fiction books from 2015 and failed. I don’t know if this is because of perpetual exhaustion (mother of 4 children aged 5 and under, with two still nursing at night) or because I’m just that disorganized (a survey of my living […]

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Book Review: Ellen by E.M. Almedingen

This was my living room floor a year ago today. The library at the school where the HM worked was purging their collection and these books were fated for the dumpster. Dad rescued them and I sorted them. I sold a few, sent a ton (almost literally, it felt like) to Goodwill, and kept several […]

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A few freebies for Kindle

  A Woman Tenderfoot– vintage, light reading Be Comforted (Isaiah) (The BE Series Commentary)┬áby Warren Wiersbe (love his series) My First Book: the experiences of Walter Besant, James Payn, W. Clark Russell, Grant Allen, Hall Caine, George R. Sims, Rudyard Kipling, A. Conan Doyle, … with an introduction by Jerome K. Jerome. When Ghost Meets […]

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Bookplates, vintage

  Print the bookplates below to add that little something extra to your gifts of loved second hand books. Use them for gift labels on packages and bags. Put them inside your own books, or use to make bookmarks. Put your name on them and put the bookmarks with books you loan out. Share! Blog […]

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Responsibility in the Selection of Books

In her essay ‘Books That Have Hindered Me,’ Miss Agnes Repplier says, “So many grateful and impetuous spirits have recently come forward to tell to an approving world how they have been benefited by their early reading, and by their wisely chosen favorites in literature, that the trustful listener begins to think, against his rueful […]

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