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Valentine Story

from: History Tales for Primary Grades by John Walter Wayland, published in 1919, and intended for teachers to use in the lower grades. He explains in the intro: “A studious effort has been made to simplify and unify these stories by leaving out those details and circumstances that would only distract the child, and to […]

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Final Exam Panic

“Bertie and Billy were sophomores. They had been alive for twenty years, and were young. Their tutor was also a sophomore. He too had been alive for twenty years, but never yet had become young. …the tutor’s name was Oscar Maironi, and he was charging his pupils five dollars an hour each for his instruction. […]

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A Book is an open door, part two

Matthew Arnold defined culture as a knowledge of the best that has been done and said by man—but the one who opens that door must have more than that knowledge. It is not enough to cram away facts in the corners of your brain. These facts must have a direct bearing upon your life. To […]

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Books, Fiction & Otherwise, from 2015

I tried mightily to write a neatly-organized list of the top 5 or 10 fiction books from 2015 and failed. I don’t know if this is because of perpetual exhaustion (mother of 4 children aged 5 and under, with two still nursing at night) or because I’m just that disorganized (a survey of my living […]

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Book Review: Ellen by E.M. Almedingen

This was my living room floor a year ago today. The library at the school where the HM worked was purging their collection and these books were fated for the dumpster. Dad rescued them and I sorted them. I sold a few, sent a ton (almost literally, it felt like) to Goodwill, and kept several […]

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