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Becoming an Adult

Recently I read Roald Dahl’s Matilda. Dahl is not one of my favorite children’s authors. He has talent, but he also has an unfortunate fascination with the puerile. Jokes about underwear and nose-picking may appeal to certain members of the younger set, and so does fingerpainting using the contents of their diapers- but that doesn’t […]

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The Free Press

Those of our readers who have been with for any length of time will know that we are great fans of Richard Mitchell. In Graves of Academe he wrote, “It was the genius of Jefferson to see that free people would rarely have to defend their freedom against principalities and powers and satanic enemies of […]

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Escapist Literature

‘Ms O’ taught Language Arts at my Junior High school back in the mid-seventies. She was youngish, and dressed sort of like the female lead on the Mod Squad. She arranged our desks in friendly little groups facing each other, instead of in regimented rows. She didn’t lecture the class from the front of the […]

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Books, Books, Books

I loved Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass because I thought they were funny. I confess Peter Pan never impressed me much, although I read it as a mother and cried over Peter’s little milk teeth (My oldest started school that year, her first and last in public school, and I was […]

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Horrible Warnings & Bad Examples: Why We Need Them

This is Books and Character, Part The Third. In a previous post I said that the bad examples in literature are at least as important as the good examples. I think this is particularly true for my children. In some ways, we live somewhat sheltered lives. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. Some […]

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