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Nancy Bond and Children’s Literature

Happy Birthday Nancy Bond’s birthday was yesterday, so we’re a day late. Bond is the author of several books, but the one we know is her first, The String in the Harp, an eery but compelling fantasy with time travel elements set in Wales. The Time-travel element is unusual in that characters can witness some […]

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Books for Boys, a Postscript

I recently posted a list of some books that might be enjoyable reads for boys who are not quite ready for high school reading (or want a lighter, more relaxing read). Several of our commentors chimed in with their own recommendations, many of which we also enjoyed. Artemis Fowl wasn’t one of them. They have […]

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Books for Boys

IN no particular order or arrangement: Sterling North’s books (we have Rascal and The Wolfing:)- I’m thinking these are probably for at least 4th grade and up as far as reading level. The Swiss Family Robinson– Strong, patriarchal father, in a good way, active boys Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia and his science fiction trilogy (the trilogy for much older […]

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Uninventive Innovations

When I was a small child in Canada some 35 years ago my classroom was organized around themes. There was the reading center where we could curl up with a book and read as much we liked, provided we periodically completed a certain amount of reading assignments and put them in a folder. We had […]

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Able Danger Story Continues

And Captain Ed, as ever, has the ongoing details and explanations. This is an important story, one I think we all need to follow. Something is going on here, but what? Newstory here. Hmm, one of the Captain’s Commentors says:“I’m starting to think that the number one mission of every federal bureaucracy is to see […]

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