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Abortion, When the Babies Survive

This post is at least a PG-13 I’ve mentioned Gianna Jesson here before. According to this BBC article, Her mother was 7 1/2 months pregnant when ‘it was decided’ that her ‘fetus’ should be aborted. Don’t you like that vague picture in the phrase ‘it was decided?’ Richard Mitchell points out in Less Than Words […]

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Another Pooh Story

Listening to the Winnie the Pooh CD for perhaps the tenth time in two days, the FYG asked me, “Why is Eeyore always like this, ‘Oh, poor me, nobody is looking at me, nobody notices me,’ and just gloomy?” She uses a gloomy voice, too, when she is representing Eeyore’s speech. It is bedtime, and […]

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Lloyd Alexander

His robe flapping around his spindly legs, Dallben made his way to a huge chest, unlocked it with an ancient key, and raised the lid. He bent and rummaged inside. “I confess to a certain number of regrets and misgivings,” he said, “which could not possibly interest you, so I shall not burden you with […]

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The Problem with Parents

Certainly, as I have said before, ultimately the responsibility for children is squarely the parents. However, as I have also tried to say before, we are blaming the failure of the schools to educate children on the parents who were themselves badly served by their public schools. Who educated the parents? Who told the parents […]

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Why Schools Have Health Instead of History Class

Hyperbole, perhaps, that headline, but not wholly hairbrained, either. In reference to the preceeding post, consider the following account of The Commission on the Reorganziation of Secondary Education: The Commission was established in 1913, the year that also brought us the income tax. Many of its members were functionaries of school bureaucracies, from the United […]

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