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Favorite Mystery Writers

Boaz’s Ruth asks a fun question in the comments below. I think we may have talked about it here before, but we can always talk about books. She asks if I have any favorite mystery writer. She likes Elizabeth Peters and Ellis Peters. I do, too. We particular enjoy Ellis Peters’ Inspector Felse mysteries, but […]

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Gladys Taber, a Stillmeadow Primer

For those of us who are agrarians, wannabe agrarians, or just enjoy good writing about country living, the Stillmeadow books are a source of quiet joy and good pleasure. I do not remember my first introduction to Stillmeadow, but I know The Stillmeadow Daybook was one of my earliest adult literary possessions, and it has […]

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A Book Recommendation for the Middle/Younger Readers

Yang the Youngest, And His Terrible Ear by Lensey Namioka- this is that rare find, a contemporary book about a modern family that my children were allowed to read. It is current, but the children are not obnoxious, snotty little twerps and the parents are not idiots. Nobody is being abused and no parents are […]

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More Richard Mitchell

The state of American government education is simply not a “problem” that can be solved. It is rather an enormous fact of life, a self-perpetuating institution elaborated from within by principle, not caprice, governed by collective assent, not individual talent. It easily absorbs the shock of every criticism by pretending to “reform” itself, only to […]

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The Federal Government in Education

Read two posts by Spunky Read Scott Read Dave Read your Constitution. Remember your Richard Mitchell. In fact, let us revisit that man who writes so well on so many education related issues, including: that process in which one educationistic bureaucracy solicits a slice of our money from another educationistic bureaucracy in order to remedy […]

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