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A Pace of Their Own

I read When Slow is Fast Enough (by Jane Goodman) in May about 11 years ago. My husband had been in Saudi Arabia for two months, came home and took a long vacation and we came out here to visit my uncle and grandfather and for the Headmaster to roof my grandfather’s house. For most […]

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Yes, She’s STILL Bragging Sharing Her Library Plunder

Brer Rabbit’s Modern REcipes for the Modern Hostess, a vintage booklet of recipes from Brer Rabbit molasses. Undated, but molasses came in a can when it was published, and by the pictures and ads, I would guess the fifties. Make It Now, Bake It Later, by Barbara Goodfellow- cookbook, small, vanity publisher, but the recipes […]

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The Emperor Loses His Head

The naked emperor just might be the most overused fairy tale I know of, but I can’t help it when it fits so terribly well. This is one of those stories that you think has to be parody, satire, an urban legend, an April Fool’s joke- anything but a true story. I keep thinking there’s […]

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More Rubbish and Reason

I’m still reading The Gift of Fire, by Richard Mitchell. That link, btw, is to an online etext you can read for free. I needed a hardcopy, though, because this is a book I need to write in, highlight, and underline. Ordinarily I have the sloppy habit of reading a book from cover to cover, […]

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World’s Greatest Books

The World’s Greatest Books [summaries and author bios], a series of volumes edited by Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton, and S. S. McClure, published in 1910. So what were the World’s Greatest Books in 1910? Which ones have you read? I’ve italicized the ones I’ve read. If I’ve read something else by the same author […]

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