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Question about Homeschooling High School

In a recent comment to this older post, Melody asks: I read this post with interest because we will cover this period in history this year. What I’m wondering is would you tell us what the other 9 of the 10 most important school books you have read are? Also, what other great American History […]

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At the Pace of a Hen posts

For our friend at a Hen’s Pace! We both enjoyed Mrs. Benton’s book At the Pace of a Hen. Chickens go about in circles. So do we. So does DNA. Nothing wrong with that. Josephine Moffet Benton on the joys of reading aloud. recently I heard a paper written for a master’s degree in education […]

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A Pace of Their Own

I read When Slow is Fast Enough (by Jane Goodman) in May about 11 years ago. My husband had been in Saudi Arabia for two months, came home and took a long vacation and we came out here to visit my uncle and grandfather and for the Headmaster to roof my grandfather’s house. For most […]

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Yes, She’s STILL Bragging Sharing Her Library Plunder

Brer Rabbit’s Modern REcipes for the Modern Hostess, a vintage booklet of recipes from Brer Rabbit molasses. Undated, but molasses came in a can when it was published, and by the pictures and ads, I would guess the fifties. Make It Now, Bake It Later, by Barbara Goodfellow- cookbook, small, vanity publisher, but the recipes […]

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The Emperor Loses His Head

The naked emperor just might be the most overused fairy tale I know of, but I can’t help it when it fits so terribly well. This is one of those stories that you think has to be parody, satire, an urban legend, an April Fool’s joke- anything but a true story. I keep thinking there’s […]

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