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Know Thyself

I’ve been reading The Gift of Fire by Richard Mitchell. It was a Mother’s Day present from the Progeny, who are not slow and so understood my subtle hint that this would be a most welcome Mother’s Day gift.*It’s making me flinch a lot, cheer some, and nod my head in rueful self-recognition far too […]

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Rubbish and Reason

These are the titles of real dissertations written by real education majors: An Exploration of Narrative Inquiry into Multiculturalism in Education: Reflecting on Two Decades of Research in an Inner-City Canadian Community School Creating Communities of Cultural Imagination: Negotiating a Curriculum of Diversity Challenging the Inevitability of Difference: Young Women and Discourses about Gender Equity […]

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Why We Write

I have never yet written anything, long or short, that did not surprise me. That is, for me at least, the greatest worth of writing, which is only incidentally a way of telling others what you think. Its first use is for the making of what you think, for the discovery of understanding, an act […]

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Favorite Mystery Writers

Boaz’s Ruth asks a fun question in the comments below. I think we may have talked about it here before, but we can always talk about books. She asks if I have any favorite mystery writer. She likes Elizabeth Peters and Ellis Peters. I do, too. We particular enjoy Ellis Peters’ Inspector Felse mysteries, but […]

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Gladys Taber, a Stillmeadow Primer

For those of us who are agrarians, wannabe agrarians, or just enjoy good writing about country living, the Stillmeadow books are a source of quiet joy and good pleasure. I do not remember my first introduction to Stillmeadow, but I know The Stillmeadow Daybook was one of my earliest adult literary possessions, and it has […]

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