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Isaac Watts on Reference Books, Book Collecting Beyond Your Understanding

Previously XVI. Among other books which are proper and requisite, in order to improve our knowledge in general, or our acquaintance with any particular science, it is necessary that we should be furnished with Vocabularies and Dictionaries of several sorts, viz. of common words, idioms and phrases, in order to explain their sense; of technical […]

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Isaac Watts, Of Books and Reading, cont.

Previously: XIII. What I have said hitherto on this subject, relating to books and reading, must be chiefly understood of that sort of books, and those hours of our reading and study, whereby we design to improve the intellectual Powers of the mind with natural, moral, or divine knowledge. As for those treatises which are […]

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Isaac Watts On Learning from Books, cont

Previously IX. By perusing books in the manner I have described, you will make all your reading subservient not only to the enlargement of your treasures of knowledge, but also to the improvement of your reasoning powers. There are many who read with constancy and diligence, and yet make no advances in true knowledge by […]

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Character Teaching Through Books

” It will have been noticed that in choosing our illustrative material we have confined ourselves to what may be called classical literature. The German Marchen (fairy tales, think Brothers Grimm) has lived in the traditions of the German people for centuries, and is as fresh today as Snow White herself when she woke from her […]

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Reading Log

Gathering Shadows: This is free for kindle as I write this, and it’s why I had it on my Kindle.   It’s billed as Christian romance and suspense. The flaws: it’s fairly heavy-handed on the Christian parts, dialogue and advice. Parts of it read like a Sunday School tract. Awfully speedy romance.  They know nothing […]

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