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five free reads

The Women Who Came in the Mayflower by Annie Russell Marble (Author) Sample: Spring and summer came to bless them for their endurance and unconscious heroism. Then they could appreciate the verdict of their leaders, who chose the site of Plymouth as a “hopeful place,” with running brooks, vines of sassafras and strawberry, fruit trees, […]

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A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature, published in 1910- useful for research and reference. Sample: ATTERBURY, FRANCIS (1662 – 1732). Controversialist and preacher, was b. near Newport Pagnel, Bucks, and ed. at West minster School and Oxford. He became the leading protagonist on the High Church side in the ecclesiastical controversies of his time, […]

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How Can Children Understand Vocabulary of Good Books?

American poet and author Phyllis McGinley says: “Whose invention was this vocabulary restriction I cannot say [I can!]. Librarians deplore the trend, publishers disclaim responsibility, authors declare themselves stifled by it, children detest it. But the fact remains that somebody has set up as gospel the rule that odd words, long words, interesting words, grown-up […]

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Doodlebugs & Antlions, oh my!

Over the week-end I picked up a copy of Jennifer Ackerman’s Notes From The Shore, a book of essays about shore life along Cape Henlopen, Delaware. Books about the ocean are always sure to catch my interest, and since we had the good fortune to be able to visit Cape Henlopen a few years ago, […]

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March, 2016 Books

1) Looking Back: A Book of Memories by Lois Lowry ~ half of this book is photographs, so it was an “easy” read in that regard. Emotionally, however, it was much deeper. Lowry has had heartbreak in her life and  many parts made me pause and snuggle my family more. She writes very well (which […]

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