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RESTLESS, mischievous, wild, disobedient boys …

Found in a 1901 Good Housekeeping. I don’t include it all here, and some of it is clearly out of date, but most of the principles are, I think, sound.  I especially love the method the police man’s widow uses with her 3 sons- what a woman!  I’d love to know who she was and how her boys turned out and […]

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Airport greeting sign

Families make a sign to greet their kids at the airport. When it’s your first visit, you put a picture of your kid on the sign, and also their name in the Cyrillic alphabet, so they know you are their host family. Since we’ve had 2 of our boys before, and they all live in […]

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He does have a point

My 17 1/2 year old son, propounding to me a plan: I want… yak yak yak because I don’t want yak yak and it would be so cool to blah blah. Me: Squelching plan: tttttttttthbbbbbbbbbb. Because wha wha wha and tcha tcha tcha. He: “But, Mom.” And he restates his plan, bringing three more points […]

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They Have Known Hunger

The above picture shows two of the brothers we hope to host this summer.  On the left is the youngest- then age 7.  On the right is the oldest, then 14.  (They have each had a birthday since their Christmas visit.)  They are in my kitchen eating pudding, because they had each had a tooth […]

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Summer Orphan Hosting!

It’s official. They can come back for 8 weeks, from June 15 to August I forget but 8 weeks later. I’m so excited. Love this sweet face: Oh, my goodness, he’s cheeky. Ornery, even. Remember we had 2 brothers, and they have 2 more brothers in the same orphanage. I said this just a few […]

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