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Airport greeting sign

Families make a sign to greet their kids at the airport. When it’s your first visit, you put a picture of your kid on the sign, and also their name in the Cyrillic alphabet, so they know you are their host family. Since we’ve had 2 of our boys before, and they all live in […]

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He does have a point

My 17 1/2 year old son, propounding to me a plan: I want… yak yak yak because I don’t want yak yak and it would be so cool to blah blah. Me: Squelching plan: tttttttttthbbbbbbbbbb. Because wha wha wha and tcha tcha tcha. He: “But, Mom.” And he restates his plan, bringing three more points […]

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They Have Known Hunger

The above picture shows two of the brothers we hope to host this summer.  On the left is the youngest- then age 7.  On the right is the oldest, then 14.  (They have each had a birthday since their Christmas visit.)  They are in my kitchen eating pudding, because they had each had a tooth […]

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Summer Orphan Hosting!

It’s official. They can come back for 8 weeks, from June 15 to August I forget but 8 weeks later. I’m so excited. Love this sweet face: Oh, my goodness, he’s cheeky. Ornery, even. Remember we had 2 brothers, and they have 2 more brothers in the same orphanage. I said this just a few […]

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Hazards of Parenting a Teen

There’s a teacher at the school for whom the Boy has little respect. They’ve had a minor conflict over a point on one of his papers, and the Boy says he’s going to bring it up again and again until he gets his grade corrected. Sadly, this method will probably work for the Boy, hence, […]

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