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The best ideas

The boy and I were discussing Fahrenheit 451.  He complained that a certain idea took three paragraphs to explain and he felt like it should have been simplified. “The best ideas are like that,” I said in full sanctimonious Mom Has a Teachable Moment mode (not proud of it), “they are complex and deep and […]

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The boy came in my room at about 4:45 and said he was going to go take a bath.  I said I was on my way to the kitchen to fix supper, and it would not be that long before it was done. I continued on to the kitchen to fix dinner, assuming he would know better […]

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Education is the science of relations….

….and connections are everywhere. They are inherent. Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, I thought it was my job to create them by using or building unit studies for my kids. Fortunately, I met Charlotte Mason’s philosophy in the pages of her books and learned that I didn’t have to do that. […]

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We had our boy after six daughters. And then God laughed. “Be careful,” people said. “Don’t spoil him,” they warned. “Poor kid doesn’t stand a chance,” they chortled. “He’ll be so coddled,” they agreed. There was an assumption that six big sisters and his mama would baby him so much he would always be a […]

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The Boy’s Narration of Walden

“He’s going to ask that pond to marry him any day now. It’s pathetic.” Yes, yes.  We are prime material here for the front cover of Charlotte Mason Homeschoolers Magazine, if there were such a publication, are we not?   Share! Blog this! Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Bookmark in Browser […]

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Camping Award

Apologies for the poor focus. The rest of my family (including the Little Boys) just returned from a week at a family camp. At the end of camp every year they give out paper plate awards. The awards are different each year, based largely on the behavior and traits of that year’s campers. My son […]

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This Kid

Recently he’d been on the receiving end of some ribbing from some of my friends about his big head, which ribbing he had taken with good grace, and more evidence of a swollen head, btw. You may have seen this commercial:   My friends watched it and then sent it to the rest of us […]

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FYG and FYB Hijinks

This is is our sunroom as seen from the diningroom. Incidentally, this picture (the one on the left) was taken before we finally got walls up in the sunroom.  For about six years it was just insulation and boards, and what an eyesore it was. Then the HM was given a bunch of light green […]

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Boy is Learning…

My son: What you humans don’t understand… Me: “YOU Humans?” What are you? My son: Another species from the rest of you. It’s called good-looking. Me: Um, that was rude. My son, visibly awkward and embarrassed: Yeah. You know what? It didn’t sound rude in my head, but when it came out of my mouth, […]

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No, we don’t play golf with glass ornaments, but thanks for asking

You’ve heard the illustrations about the differences between men and women- like men are waffle irons, neatly compartmented in their thinking, and women are spaghetti- everything is interconnected. Or men are computers with only one browser button open at a time, and sometimes the browser button is ‘empty,’ and women don’t have an empty box, […]

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