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Hazards of Parenting a Teen

There’s a teacher at the school for whom the Boy has little respect. They’ve had a minor conflict over a point on one of his papers, and the Boy says he’s going to bring it up again and again until he gets his grade corrected. Sadly, this method will probably work for the Boy, hence, […]

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Season Change

My dark personality relishes dark, overcast days. I do prefer them when I can stay inside.  We’ve not been able to park in our garage for months, probably not since last March or so.  The men folk worked hard on clearing out a space for the van last Monday.  But I forgot about it, since […]

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My Rascal Son

Teenage boy like, my teenaged boy sometimes get a little uppity about how grown up he is, and we had one of those moments recently, so the next morning I let him be nearly grown up enough to get his own self up for school. I say nearly, because I did give him one wake […]

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My Son Is Tom Sawyer

This is so funny, and so very much the FYB that I have to laugh, but at the same time, I feel like it’s only reinforcing his con-man charm. Of course, it’s probably years to late too do anything about the con-man charm. He is, as most of you know, now a part-time student at […]

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The best ideas

The boy and I were discussing Fahrenheit 451.  He complained that a certain idea took three paragraphs to explain and he felt like it should have been simplified. “The best ideas are like that,” I said in full sanctimonious Mom Has a Teachable Moment mode (not proud of it), “they are complex and deep and […]

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The boy came in my room at about 4:45 and said he was going to go take a bath.  I said I was on my way to the kitchen to fix supper, and it would not be that long before it was done. I continued on to the kitchen to fix dinner, assuming he would know better […]

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Education is the science of relations….

….and connections are everywhere. They are inherent. Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, I thought it was my job to create them by using or building unit studies for my kids. Fortunately, I met Charlotte Mason’s philosophy in the pages of her books and learned that I didn’t have to do that. […]

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Science and the Boy

The Boy’s most recent narration included a considerable amount of science.  He did a pretty creditable job.  So creditable, in fact, that when he finished, he coughed and gagged a bit and then said, “Excuse me.  I need to go wash my mouth out with soap.  I just spat up some Nerd there.”

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We had our boy after six daughters. And then God laughed. “Be careful,” people said. “Don’t spoil him,” they warned. “Poor kid doesn’t stand a chance,” they chortled. “He’ll be so coddled,” they agreed. There was an assumption that six big sisters and his mama would baby him so much he would always be a […]

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The Boy’s Narration of Walden

“He’s going to ask that pond to marry him any day now. It’s pathetic.” Yes, yes.  We are prime material here for the front cover of Charlotte Mason Homeschoolers Magazine, if there were such a publication, are we not?  

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