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This Kid

Recently he’d been on the receiving end of some ribbing from some of my friends about his big head, which ribbing he had taken with good grace, and more evidence of a swollen head, btw. You may have seen this commercial:   My friends watched it and then sent it to the rest of us [...]

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FYG and FYB Hijinks

This is is our sunroom as seen from the diningroom. Incidentally, this picture (the one on the left) was taken before we finally got walls up in the sunroom.  For about six years it was just insulation and boards, and what an eyesore it was. Then the HM was given a bunch of light green [...]

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Boy is Learning…

My son: What you humans don’t understand… Me: “YOU Humans?” What are you? My son: Another species from the rest of you. It’s called good-looking. Me: Um, that was rude. My son, visibly awkward and embarrassed: Yeah. You know what? It didn’t sound rude in my head, but when it came out of my mouth, [...]

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No, we don’t play golf with glass ornaments, but thanks for asking

You’ve heard the illustrations about the differences between men and women- like men are waffle irons, neatly compartmented in their thinking, and women are spaghetti- everything is interconnected. Or men are computers with only one browser button open at a time, and sometimes the browser button is ‘empty,’ and women don’t have an empty box, [...]

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That Boy

See how well the burns have healed? And fast, too. I had him slather on his choice of his sister’s comfrey ointment or Dr. CHRISTOPHER’S, Ointment Complete Tissue ointment at least twice a day. I put it on the first night, and did half his face with the comfrey salve and half with Dr. Christopher’s [...]

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Crunchy Mom and The Boy

I was in the cereal aisle with my son (who is FIFTEEN) to get cereal to make Chex Mix. He keeps pointing out those strange concoctions loaded with sugars and dyed with psychedelic colors that no self respecting food would ever wear in public- Me: No. No. No. No. No. No. Look, I don’t buy [...]

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As I was taking pictures of my son’s gunpowder burned face, I took one where I asked him to smile so his dimples showed. He looked confused and told me he didn’t have any dimples. We argued about it for a minute and I just pulled the Mom card and told him to stop talking [...]

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Real Pictures of My Son, BoomBoom

    The story, if you haven’t read it already.   He found a small burn on his wrist today from the incident.  He was wearing gloves, and his gloves have a tiny gap between the strap (which buttons around the wrist) and the rest of the glove, and that’s where the burn is.  Had [...]

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You aren’t going to believe this one

The guilty parties have given me permission to post it. The only thing my son asked is that I not show a picture. (and he changed his mind about that) Oh, sorry.  Were you drinking something?  Put it down. I’m sharing this as part of my therapy, because this is no way to treat a [...]

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My 15 y.o. son, on a whim, put the head of the deer he or my husband shot this weekend into the woodburning stove in my sunroom.  I have no idea why he thought that was a good idea. I heard his 17 y.o. sister saying, “I can’t believe you did that!  Gross!  How could [...]

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