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Bible Study Through Story Telling

Building Sound Theology Through Good Story Telling, by Jessica Alexander Excerpt (her article is on page 19) “Simply the Story is a simple and creative method used to equip low literacy learners to join multiple literacy spectrums. The technique can reach into all age groups, among all social groups regardless of the ethnicity or economic status […]

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Printable Memory Verse Cards

Set printer paper to index card, landscape, margins 1.3, then choose print preview to make sure it’s going to work.  Print onto index cards- or print on paper that you cut and tape or glue to the index cards. You’ll find tips on learning memory verses and other Bible study ideas here.  

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Charlotte Mason and Religion

Notes taken from my first read through volume six some 17 years ago- this section of my notes focused on religion and CM Basic principles: According to volume six, and probably every other book, Charlotte considered the children’s relationship with God first and foremost in their development of the ‘science of relations.’  “The initial difficulty […]

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Religion and Charlotte Mason

In volume six of her six volume series, CM says that we as parents must help the children towards a proper understanding of what religion is. Miss Mason quotes  Bernard Bosanquet, D.C.I. from _What Religion Is: “Will religion guarantee me my private and personal happiness? To this on the whole I think we must answer, […]

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Sample Charlotte Mason Bible Lesson, CM Style

Charlotte Mason believed in using the Bible directly with children, and not through paraphrases, but through what she called ‘Bible English.’ She also wrote that children: “Should know the Bible Text.––Children between the ages of six and nine should get a considerable knowledge of the Bible text. By nine they should have read the simple […]

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