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Vintage Directions for Storing Sweet Potatoes

KEEPING SWEET POTATOES. Put a layer of corn-stalks on the smooth surface as thickly as you can, and cross-lay with another layer of stalks. Spread over the stalks about four inches of pine straw or any other straw. Next, nail together four planks or boards, forming a hollow. Bore holes in each side of this […]

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Handicraft: Charming plant labels for your garden

From A hundred things a girl can make, by Bonnie E. Snow, Hugo B. Froehlich published by J.B. Lippincott company, 1922: It is a mistake to suppose that girls are debarred from the pleasure of making anything of wood, simply because they are girls. Some girls, as well as some boys, have a decided inclination […]

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Directions for a Vintage Window Box

MY EASY WINDOW BY KIT CLOVER Yes, we all love flowers, but we not all of us keep them at all times; some of us are too busy, but I will you a plan of mine, once when I wanted a bright window and had not time fuss with plants. So, not being carpenter and […]

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Growing In Our Woods

Wild onions (onions discovered and picture taken by the FYG):   And yes, we have cooked with them.  Mmm.

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Free Containers for My Container Garden

Don’t miss our free giveaway- we have a wonderful vintage cookbook with extra goodies added for your Kindle.  See here for how to enter. It is unfortunate that I did not notice until after the pics were taken that the clapper on my wind chimes looks like a cheap plastic reflector from an old bike. […]

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