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Cabbage and the Grocery Budget

As we say in the masthead, we talk about cabbages and kings around here and everything in between.  Many authentic ethnic foods are frugal, because most of them come from our peasant ancestors who knew how to put a penny to multiple uses. Cabbage is a frugal and versatile food used in many ethnic dishes- […]

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Making Cottage Cheese

Last week my baby girl had her 17th birthday. That’s our sixth 17th birthday amongst our children, for those who are counting. We have one more to go. About that same time, she described herself as a ‘typical teenaged girl,’ and my homeschooling rebel mama soul shriveled just a little bit inside, giving a little […]

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Beef Tongue

Tongue- it’s what’s for dinner. My dinner, because I am the only one who likes this most tender cut of meat. Of course, the prep work is a bit off-putting. We just stick it in the crockpot and when it’s done, peel/cut off the outer layer, and I eat the center over several meals. I […]

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Real Food Book Bundle

This is a fabulous bundle of e-books for a great . I don’t usually like ebooks that are DF files that much, but I do think these are worth it. Real Food on a Real Budget by Stephanie Langford In this 280-page book, Stephanie provides a primer for families who want to learn how to […]

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Dealing With Food Allergies As a Guest

For whatever reason, your family, or at least some of them, ‘eat funny,’ that is, different from the norm.  How do you handle that when invited to somebody else’s home?   This kind of depends on your reasons for eating differently- most people can understand and respect a genuine food allergy- like nuts, or having […]

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