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Lunch: Philly Stuffed Peppers

The FYG made these for lunch today. She fossicked around Pinterest and other places and then made adaptations based on the ingredients we had on hand. This is the girl that just three or four years ago I thought was never going to learn to cook! Basically, you just take the general ingredients for a […]

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A Junk Food History in Two Magazine Excerpts

1. From Dr. Wiley’s Question Box This is from a column written by a doctor in a 1922 Good Housekeeping: “A Long While Since We Have Mentioned It:” Question: “what is the real harm in drinking coca cola? If a person drank three to four bottles per day for three or four years what would […]

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Kitchen Magic

To Turn Left-Over Pot Roast into Winter Stew 1. Slice all left-over vegetables and any left-over meat into stew-sized bites, but leave them all in your crock/stew pot along with all the left-over stock and juice from the original roast. The latter will be most of your flavor base.* 2. Add any assorted other left-overs […]

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I know, you think you hate it. Maybe you really do, but sometimes it’s just that we don’t really know how to prepare it. I used to be a hater. Now I am a lover. You don’t need ten recipes for eggplant. You just need one or two that work. That’s true for most things. […]

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Too Hot To Cook: Cold Soba Noodles

It’s 91 degrees outside- at 5 in the afternoon.  I haven’t been running the aircon this week.  The Cherub and I are the only ones home. I wanted supper and The Cherub needed it, but I really didn’t want to cook anything much. So….   I boiled some Soba Noodles for me, and in the […]

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