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How to Have a Happily Fermented Family

(There probably was a better blog title out there somehow, but this is the one The Equuschick likes.) To Get Your Small Children to Take Kefir– Depending on how strong your kefir is or how brave your children are, you may not have much trouble. The Ladybug was always fond of it in fresh fruit […]

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More about my kombucha

A couple people asked me today to explain what exactly kombucha is.  In Russia kombucha is known sometimes as tea kvass. Basically,I would say it’s fermented sweet tea, made using a ‘mother.’  Mother kombucha is a couple cups of already fermented kombucha along with a scoby.   Scoby is an adorable sounding acronym for the […]

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Spring Recipes

Lactofermented dilly beans Harvard beets– we have a bunch of frozen, organic beets in the freezer, and I am the only one who loves beets as they are.  However, years ago I used to make harvard beets once in a while, and my husband liked them that way, so I think we’ll try it again. […]

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Raw Milk

For a time when I was a child we drank raw milk- my mother found a local source, and I seem to recall the milk was delivered to the house in large gallon sized jugs with waxed paper held down around the top with a rubber band, and the lid screwed on over that. The […]

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Raw Milk and Refrigerated Eggs

Sometimes you scratch a self described conservative and just find another statist- as in This article on raw milk from Hot Air, which is essentially worthless, from an actual Constitutional or libertarian point of view. It’s kind of worthless from a real life point of view, too.  Most stats and scary stories about pathogens in milk […]

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