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Two Wine Theory

A few large denominations in the US are tee-totallers.  This often puzzles others, who read that Jesus turned water into wine in the New Testament story of the Wedding at Cana and thus, not illogically, conclude that Jesus was not offended by wine-drinking.  This is what the world of Christendom at large believed, up until […]

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Government bans home-made fried foods from daycares, limits factory made fried foods to once a week

  Oh, this burns me.  This is a perfect illustration of why the government totally fails at controlling our lives and should not be given more control. New federal “guidelines” are restricting fats in daycares now, specifically by banning frying food on site. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is proposing strict new dietary guidelines […]

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Of Motherhood, Pumpkins, & Time

“Almanzo asked Father why he did not hire the machine that did threshing. Three men had brought it into the country last fall, and Father had gone to see it. It would thresh a man’s whole grain crop in a few days. ‘That’s a lazy man’s way to thresh,’ Father said. ‘Haste makes waste, but […]

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How to Have a Happily Fermented Family

(There probably was a better blog title out there somehow, but this is the one The Equuschick likes.) To Get Your Small Children to Take Kefir– Depending on how strong your kefir is or how brave your children are, you may not have much trouble. The Ladybug was always fond of it in fresh fruit […]

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More about my kombucha

A couple people asked me today to explain what exactly kombucha is.  In Russia kombucha is known sometimes as tea kvass. Basically,I would say it’s fermented sweet tea, made using a ‘mother.’  Mother kombucha is a couple cups of already fermented kombucha along with a scoby.   Scoby is an adorable sounding acronym for the […]

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