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Food and The Back To The Land Movement

We have found that an astonishingly wide variety of food items contain BHA or BHT or both, so I can only conclude that most of my countrymen subsist on the stuff. They are hooked. The sole advantage of preservatives to the consumer, it seems, is that he can now save money by buying day-old or […]

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No Picky Eater Zone

When I say we don’t permit our children to be picky eaters, I should clarify that we also do not shovel spoonfuls of food down an unwilling throat, making a child gag. I try to have something on the table that each person will eat- even if it’s just brown rice or home-made bread. Each […]

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Reading the Labels

Organic apple-raspberry sauce was on sale through our co-op a few weeks ago, so I ordered some. This is something of an event at our house, as I do not remember the last time I bought apple-sauce. I’ve made it, but I do not buy it. The HG made some delicious applesauce muffins. She said […]

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Blueberry Soup

A few years back a friend had our large family over for dinner, and they served this lovely blueberry soup along with cornish hens stuffed with wild rice. ┬áIt was a wonderful dinner. This recipe is easier than anything I’ve found on the web and it’s incredibly delicious and cooling, too. Ingredients: 8 ounces sour […]

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